Man Did Not Get ICU Slot In SGH Which Is Cheaper Than Gleneagles, Now Faces $78,000 Bill

Mr Thomas Lukose, 55, suffered a heart attack at Gleneagles Hospital while on night duty as a security guard, but couldn’t get a place in SGH for immediate treatment. The family wish for him transferred to the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) because his insurance was not possible in the short time span. He had the¬†operation at Gleneagles instead. Now he has to pay a $78K bill.

A crowdfunding appeal by the family can be found here if you would like to help donate.



Editor’s Note:

It is really an unfortunate event for Mr Thomas. If he had managed to get a slot in SGH for his immediate treatment, things might have gone better for him. The family fought hard for him too while he was injured. If you feel bad for him, help lessen his burden by donating to the crowdfund.




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