Muslim Wedding At A “No Pork, No Lard” Eatery – Should You Attend Or Not?

Member of public is concerned over attending a wedding of a Muslim couple done at an eatery without MUIS halal certification nor was it 100% Muslim-owned.

She attended the wedding in good faith at an eatery in a hotel. However, her sixth sense made her ask the staff there on the halal status of the place.

She asked the staff there and to her horror, the eatery was not certified halal by MUIS and instead the status was simply “No Pork, No Lard”.

The staff concerned also said that all the food ingredients used had individual halal certification. However, when asked to produce the supporting documents for the claim, the staff concerned was not able to do so.

This posting is not meant to highlight an eatery that is not MUIS halal certified. Such eateries are not our concern actually.

The concern is NOT on the eatery.

The concern, as expressed by the member, is on the Muslim family that organised a wedding with invitees who were mainly Muslims at an eatery without MUIS halal certification nor was the eatery owned by Muslims.

The concern can be summed up as follows:

(a) Muslim invitees to Muslim weddings should not be subjected to eating foods served at such eateries that had no MUIS halal certification or not owned by Muslims.

(b) Muslim families organising weddings at restaurants or hotels should be more discerning about the halal status of those makan places.

(c) Muslim Invitees to Muslim weddings should be made to feel safe attending such weddings, without having the need to check on the halal status of the eateries themselves. Muslim families organising their weddings should ensure that the eateries concerned are at either certified halal by MUIS or Muslim-owned.

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