Commentary: Singapore Government Is Wasting Taxpayers Money!

Before the gov raise taxes and burden the citizens with higher cost of living, they should ensure that they curb their spending on superfluous items for their ministries.

While Singaporeans grapple with high cost of living, unemployment, competition brought about by cheap labour, stagnating wages, homelessness, fulfilling 3 meals a day, our taxpayers monies are spent on –

1. excessive cabinet ministers’ salaries

2. Each ministry buying designer chairs. One chair costing as high as $650 each.

3. Paying exorbitant consultancy fees for a bin centre

4. Hosting of F1 spending millions just to put Singapore on the world map

5. Military spending. Excessive procurement of equipment

6. Bad investments that wiped out billions of tax payers money

7. Spending hundred millions of dollars for foreign students to reside and study in Singapore and most of them ultimately leave the country breaking their bonds or after serving it.

8. Bringing in Kai Kai and Jia Jia on 10 year loan, spending millions of dollars creating a suitable enclosure for the pandas while some of our people are homeless.

9. MOM bought a computer system for $432 thousand but left it unused

10. Building budget terminal only to demolish it 6 years later to make way for terminal 4. Short sighted planning cost tax payers in excess of $50 million

So before the gov take the easy way out by raising taxes, kindly rectify in-house unnecessary leakages.



Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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