Western Films Leading To Babies Born Out Of Wedlock According To PAS MP

Western films with elements of liberal and open lifestyles are contributing to the rise of babies born out of wedlock, claimed a PAS MP.

Datuk Dr Khairuddin Aman Razali (PAS – Kuala Nerus) said the National Film Development Corporation Board (Finas) should tighten their censorship system to weed out films that promote a hedonistic lifestyle.

“How well does Finas, in its censorship process, handle the issue of Western films with extreme sexual elements?

“There are films rated 18SX which have sexual elements that are not extreme, but I fear the phenomenon of extreme films will contribute to more children born out of wedlock.

“Western films have a tendency to normalise children born out wedlock, living together before marriage as well as atheism, which is not suited to our culture and norms,” he said during debates to the Budget 2018 allocation to the Communications and Multimedia Ministry in Parliament on Monday.

Previously it was reported that the Health Ministry had recorded 18,000 teen pregnancies in 2014.


Source: thestar.com.my

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