FFFA Founder Nizar Bigbear: “Beware Of Non-Registered/Regulated Self-Help/Blessing Groups”

“First class manipulator.”

That was his reaction when ST’s article “$53k raised for baby’s surgery lost to ‘scammer’ on crowdfunding website” was published on 4 Feb.

Nizar Mohd Shariff or many know him as Bigbear, the founder of FFFA (or Free Food For All) informed R1C that he was also scammed by culprits Ian Ian and Ricky Ng of about $10K (personal loan) due to lack of better judgement.

Bigbear said that the main culprit Ms Ashley Lee aka Ian Ian operates a group called “Ian Milk Blessing” and also picks her unsuspecting victim from that group itself. “We want to create awareness so that she (Ian Ian) cannot find new victims, and also flush her out of hiding,” he said.

Her modus operandi? Ms Ashley Lee aka Ian Ian approaches Give.asia to run crowdfunding campaigns for her victims. Afterwards, she will swoop in for the kill. “Yes that’s how they build confidence, they scam both the beneficiary as well as donors,” added Bigbear. Worst, she used Nizar’s prominent name in the volunteer-community to “instill confidence” in others.

It’s important that we spread the word about these known “culprits”. Its hard nowadays to be wary of such scam through social media right bro? Honestly i would never had guessed someone is daring enough, busuk hati enough too coax victims to crowd fund and then scam that money that was raised.. macam inhumane with no compassion whatsoever.”

Bigbear responded, “Precisely, new kind of low.”

To create awareness, he have asked for people to follow the page “Ian Milk Blessing Alert” which has daily updates on the scam cases involving Ian Ian and other accomplices. Photos of them are also available at the page, coz names can also be changed.

In his closing statement, Bigbear wish to advise the following to the members of the public. “Beware of non registered self help/blessing groups that are not registered or regulated. Unless they have an extensive track record, there is always a risk of abuse.”








First class manipulator. For lack of better judgement, i was duped into thinking that she had a heart of gold. Ian Ian and Ricky Ng, come forward and face the issue. Wonder who else has been conned?


just search “Ian free milk blessing” on your fb search bar and you’ll get the links. Disgusting to think that they’ll prey on the vulnerable like that… how do they even sleep at night!


After finding out those in need, she approaches them, arrange crowdfunding. Get people to support the cause. Then after the beneficiaries get the funds. She comes in for the Kill. If this is not premeditated, then i dont know what is.

We need help to CSI on her whereabouts. Ian Ian and Ricky Ng.


Ricky Ng lives in Taman and Jurong & I think the only person who knows his actual address is Vivian Pan


Rule #1 – when a person who is seen to be charitable on social media messages u to transfer $ to a ” needy ” person. Please do your due diligence. Why cant they do it themselves?

Rule #2 – milk powder at 30-50 pct discount, but must buy in cartons, require advance payment. But does the milk ever come? Strange that prey are almost always those who receive funds from crowdfunders.

Many cheats who prey on the less fortunate. They view them as easy targets. We need to educate ourselves on the potential pitfalls of self help groups. No Regulation means there will always be a chance of abuse. We need to work with the system and that means structure.

Its time we take evil people off social media who preys on the weak. Anyone with info on Ian Ian and her accomplices, please PM me. Do not be taken in by her offers to help. Its a SCAM !!!




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