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Khan Osman Sulaiman: Why Do People Claim Themselves Malay Only When There’s Something To Gain From It?

The Malays take all the negative stereotyping people throw at them. The Indian Muslims, Arabs, Javanese, Boyanese, Ceylonese will quickly distance themselves when asked whether are they Malays. But when there are privileges on hand, everyone wants to be a…
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Owner of SoulHunterz International Manipulate Customers, Crew

Good day R1C, I’m a personal assistant owner of production company called the Soulhunterz International a self-proclaimed paranormal organization that is not registered therefore I need to expose their dark secret, Angah Soulhunterz the self-proclaimed director of the so-called company has been making profit by…
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Pelawak Alias Kadir Rasa Terpinggir, Tidak Lagi Laku

KALAU cakap tentang persada komedi Singapura, memang tidak sah kalau tidak menyebut nama Alias Kadir. Semasa zaman kegemilangannya sekitar 1990-an, beliau begitu popular sehinggakan selama beberapa tahun setiap malam Raya, ramai yang pastinya tidak kering gusi melihat telatahnya di kaca…
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