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Good day R1C,

I’m a personal assistant owner of production company called the Soulhunterz International a self-proclaimed paranormal organization that is not registered therefore I need to expose their dark secret, Angah Soulhunterz the self-proclaimed director of the so-called company has been making profit by manipulating his victims into becoming a subject at any potential haunted location while recording the entire events of the victims getting possessed & producing DVD titled “Pakaton” which will be sold at bazaar Geylang every year, victims was make to sign up indemnity form declaring that if death occur during the film recording they will not be held responsible.

He manipulated all his victims by portraying convincing words & expression that he is financially stable in the pretext that he is a property developer in overseas which are all just lies & this is a video to back up my statement of truth.

I do have screenshot & police report concerning my valuable items getting stolen by Soulhunterz but the police classify it as personal dispute aside from Soulhunterz victimizing the Malay community, the best evidence is to get a volunteer for trial just to evaluate on the entire situation because none of the crews nor fans ever remain since 2006 due to bad conflicts after realizing we have been taken advantage which also include our local music celebrity, Elfee Ismail whom has been defamed by Angah Soulhunterz thru media magazine.



This is the police report which I lodged against Soulhunterz.

This is the text message evidence sent by his crew named “Helmi Soulhunterz”.


The self-proclaimed director whom promised all his crews that they will become a local movie stars in a horror movie title “Arau” since 2012 but no result up till today.

That’s me back in 2012 back at bazaar Geylang promoting for Soulhunterz Pakaton 2 DVD, honestly I do felt very guilty concerning all those victims whom has been possessed, 2012 victims managed to exceed more than 4 hours in the challenge but only received $100 cash reward & a replica Luminox wrist watch for risking their lives.




Angah Soulhunterz even threatened to sue me by hiring Rudy Marican for exposing him but so far no lawyer letter for almost 3 months, every year you will be witnessing brand new fans & crews because it will take them a few months to realize that they have been manipulated including myself.

A sample of Soulhunterz Pakaton which means “Pernampakan” in Malay.

Saiful Saad he is operating under a unregistered company name “Soulhunterz Computer Clinic” located at Blk 6A Woodlands Centre Road.

This year he will be promoting Pakaton DVD & setting up a haunted house charging $2/entry a.k.a “House Of Unknown”, opposite of Paya Lebar Singpost.

I’m speaking up the truth & nothing to fear, he even harassed me at my previous workplace for walking off from Soulhunterz with an excuse that he just wanted his company mobile which was in my possession at that point of time.

Last few days I have reported his unlicensed DVD distribution at bazaar Geylang thru MDA hotline & I will also report him to MUIS for their sorcery activity in public.

Authored by Elfie De Souza

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