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Attention: Malay Population In Singapore At Its Peak Due To All Muslims Considered A Malay

It’s getting more and more confusing now. Or is it not? If “people” are saying that religion determines the race then this a development in a way. Let’s do some mathematical analysis. The given arguments are: A Malay is not…
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Confirmed That Malay Race Is Essentially Muslim, All Indian Muslims Are Malays But Christian Malays Are Not Malays

At the Institute of Policy forum yesterday (Sep 8), Minister of State Chan Chun Sing and Senior Minister of State Janil Puthucheary both confirmed that the Malay race is essentially Muslim and that all Indian Muslims are Malays, and Christian…
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Khan Osman Sulaiman: Why Do People Claim Themselves Malay Only When There’s Something To Gain From It?

The Malays take all the negative stereotyping people throw at them. The Indian Muslims, Arabs, Javanese, Boyanese, Ceylonese will quickly distance themselves when asked whether are they Malays. But when there are privileges on hand, everyone wants to be a…
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