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Issues That Need To Be Addressed Fast Before The Formal PE 2017 Process Begins

PE 2017 by Former MP Inderjit Singh In less than 2 months, Singaporeans will get a new elected President. Unlike the past Presidential Elections (PE), the run up to this year’s PE has not been a smooth sailing one. Parliament…
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Commentary: We Pray Not To Be Misled By You Again

We can gladly say that our Minister Masagos Zulkifli has scored several political points this week (claps for him) and that he will never be the people’s choice or at least the Malay Muslim community’s as the EP of Singapore….
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Lee Hsien Loong Invited To Pink Dot Annual Gay Rights Rally

Singapore’s Prime Minister was left fumbling for answers Saturday after agreeing to a live Facebook chat with increasingly strident citizens turning to the Internet to voice dissent in the tightly-controlled city-state. Lee Hsien Loong opened the conversation on his personal…
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