Commentary: We Pray Not To Be Misled By You Again

We can gladly say that our Minister Masagos Zulkifli has scored several political points this week (claps for him) and that he will never be the people’s choice or at least the Malay Muslim community’s as the EP of Singapore. Nope, out of the question, never gonna happen. We are disappointed and you have shamed the community. However, we thank Allah SWT for showing us your true colours. We pray not to be misled by you again.

When you accused WP’s Faisal Manap of attempting to cause division in Singapore’s social cohesion by raising the issue of hijab again, you also made an indirect ad hominem towards him by guilt of association using a picture taken of Faisal Manap and Zulfikar Shariff years ago in a mosque. So what is the Minister implying, that it was tantamount to being radical? Anyone who has a picture taken with Zulfikar must be put under suspicion? That is just low, way low even for minister. Then what about you being in the same picture with Netanyahu or gracing his presence?? Lagi worst kan.

Instead of character assassinating our MP who is merely representing the minority Malay community in his ward, why don’t you tell him what you can do for the people. A religious debate in parliament where both sides are showing what they have done for an issue. Not one raise, the other sweep it away. Or has it been cast in stone that you’ve washed your hands off us and our issues, Mr Masagos? 🙁


Yusuf Saiful

[Reader Contribution]

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