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Response Pak Andam Terhadap Majlis Perkahwinan Minggu Lalu Yang Menerima Pelbagai Kritikan (Kompang, Scooter Dan Pengantin)

CINTA AKU SEADANYA! Saya adalah Pak Andam Mempelai dan menyaksikan dari mula majlis hingga akhir majlis. Ramai yang comment negative with regards to the Kompang Group WHICH is Proudly Sponsor by adek pengantin Lelaki. Setahu saya mempelai menerima saje dan…
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Love Thy Neighbour – Neighbour’s Altar Offerings Blown Away, Muslim Bro Puts Them Back In Place

Love Thy Neighbour . Our neighbour’s altar offerings blown by the wind so my bro pick and arranged them back. We have been neighbours for more than 10 years they have always been so respectful to my mom and late…
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Disapproving Family And Distance Could Not Stop This Malay Abang And Chinese Gf From Getting Married

Nizam encountered a lot of difficulties while dating his Chinese partner, Margaret. From her parents disapproving their relationship to Margaret being sent overseas, the couple have gone through multiple ups and downs together but are now married and have a 5-year-old…
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