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Osman Wok Chose PAP, Angered UMNO, Branded As Infidel

Othman Wok suffered many an assassination on his character in his 18 years in politics, standing up for a multi-racial Singapore, where he was denounced by Malay supremacists as an “infidel” and “traitor to the Malay race”. He never wavered….
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Chef Bob Has Amazing Neighbour – Taoist Neighbour Asked Permission To Carry Out Prayers And Burn Incense

I am blessed to have the best and amazing neighbour ever! Yesterday she asked for my permission: “Eh Ah Bob ah!!! Malam ini gua mau sembahyang lu tau? Gua letak balang-balang depan lumah gua. Gua mau bakar balang. Boleh ah?”…
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Love Thy Neighbour – Neighbour’s Altar Offerings Blown Away, Muslim Bro Puts Them Back In Place

Love Thy Neighbour . Our neighbour’s altar offerings blown by the wind so my bro pick and arranged them back. We have been neighbours for more than 10 years they have always been so respectful to my mom and late…
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