School Girl Wrote A Love Letter To Handsome Teacher To Express Her Love And Jealousy

Kids nowadays are so brave and bold. There is a viral handwritten love letter written by one Fatimah, a student of a handsome teacher who confessed her love for the teacher and how she got jealous when her teacher smiled at one of her classmates. Below is a gist of the love letter addressed to the teacher, Mr. Hanafi (translated from Malay):

“Hello handsome teacher. Yesterday, you smiled at Shila. I’m jealous okay. Last week you smiled at me, and I already accepted your love. Can you please don’t play with my heart? Can or not? Please say something? I’m crying right now. I’m absent from school today because my heart is broken. My mum doesn’t know about this yet.”

Definitely, Fatimah’s love for her handsome teacher is sincere as you can see how she proofread and edited her own mistakes before giving it to her teacher. Well, good luck to Fatimah in getting Mr. Hanafi’s attention.



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