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Why Didn’t PAP Malay MPs And Ministers Defend Perkampungan Melayu Geylang Serai From Being Demolished?

The house where LKY has stayed during his lifetime has so much interest that his son wanted to preserve it. Just one man. Geylang Serai Perkampungan Melayu where the whole of the Malay Community gathers, conduct events, congregate, shops and…
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Two Arrested For Sending Threatening Letters And Hell Notes To Ministers

The police have arrested two people, aged 18 and 53, for their suspected involvement in sending threatening letters and hell notes to four Cabinet ministers and a reporter. The Straits Times¬†understands the 18-year-old is a woman, while the 53-year-old is…
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Damanhuri Abas: The Malay Reserved President Is A Done Deal

The Malay Reserved President is a done deal no matter how much Dr Tan Cheng Bock try to argue for an Open Election. He will be admired for his tenacity and resolve to truly serve the people he love. So…
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