Don’t Leave Our Legends Hanging

I read with sadness on the current state of Alias Kadir.

He and his band of comedian brothers brought us so much joy over the years. konfirm pecah perut ah.

It is very unfortunate that someone who can give  so much happiness to strangers is suffering in silence, even though he puts up a brave front.

The situation is like how our older legendary footballers were treated. Only now you see people trying to do something about it but in the past no one cared. Most of them didn’t earn much, didn’t have insurance and there were no proper planning for them when they retire. They were forgotten when they are not useful anymore.

Is the same thing happening to Alias Kadir? It is one thing to honour them with achievement awards but at the end of the day, money counts too. Unless you make it really big like Aaron Aziz, many work as part-time actors/comedians and have little savings and CPF.

Where are the Malay MPs and Ministers? What Nick Mikhail said its very true. When P Ramlee was still alive, no one cared. Only when he passed away people started to do more for him. Too late.

Don’t let the same thing happen to Alias Kadir.



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