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Public Prosecutor Will Not Appeal 4-Year Jail Sentence For Joshua Robinson: AGC

Following a “careful” review, the Public Prosecutor has decided not to appeal against the four-year jail term imposed on convicted sexual predator Joshua Robinson last week, noting that the punishment he got was broadly in line with relevant past cases’….
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SDP: Minister’s Silence On Benjamin Lim’s Suicide Is Troubling

The SDP expresses our deepest sympathies to the family of Benjamin Lim. His suicide is a tragedy that could have been avoided. There is a reason why the law and society treat minors differently from adults: They are presumed to…
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Goh Meng Seng: Singaporeans Also To Blame For Death Of Benjamin Lim

When Amos Yee was ill treated by the State Police, put through the torture of interrogation and remained in IMH, many people didn’t see the problem of such act by the police state. Even when people like me protested against…
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