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Owner Of Another Laundrette: Chinese Customer Sends In Laundry With Pork Traces

Regarding the Muslim-friendly laundrette in Johor Bahru, which has recently been flamed because it only caters to Muslim customers, and not accepting other non-Muslim customers (background story: http://rilek1corner.com/2017/09/27/sultan-johor-response-to-muars-muslim-only-laundrette-nonsense-this-is-not-a-taliban-state/), a comment from a previous laundrette owner mentioned the following: “Pengalaman kami…
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Tampines Pork-Throwing Neighbour Still Terrorising Widow Despite Court Action

Marliah Jonet, a 62 year-old widow, has faced daily harassment from a neighbor, 63 year-old Lee Dji Lin, however there appears to be nothing the authorities can do about the belligerent neighbor, who was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. According…
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