Owner Of Another Laundrette: Chinese Customer Sends In Laundry With Pork Traces

Regarding the Muslim-friendly laundrette in Johor Bahru, which has recently been flamed because it only caters to Muslim customers, and not accepting other non-Muslim customers (background story: http://rilek1corner.com/2017/09/27/sultan-johor-response-to-muars-muslim-only-laundrette-nonsense-this-is-not-a-taliban-state/), a comment from a previous laundrette owner mentioned the following:

“Pengalaman kami buka kdai dobi memang ada masalah kesucian, tiap2 hari ada je uncle cina dtg htr bju yg hanyir dan berbau utk dicuci, bila tanya keje apa bju kotor mcmtu, dia ckp potong daging dipasar, xkn nak tanya potong daging apa, faham2 le sendiri, klau tanya dh jd gaduh plak, kena cuci bju dia je 3 kali berbanding yg lain cuma sekali, bagus dah ada dobi yg pentingkan kesucian mcm ni, ni pon nk berbalah, aduiii akhir zaman.”

Dilemma jugak kalau macam ni, got pork traces from non-Muslim customers. Then how like that? As with so many things, there are a lot of pork traces also, from our notes and coins, to utensils used at hawker centres, and so many other things. What are your thoughts?



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