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PM Lee: Why Didn’t Malay Candidates Come Up In PE2011? Cause They Knew Non-Chinese Have No Chance

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made it plain that he knew the reserved presidential election would be unpopular and would cause the ruling party to lose votes, but said it had to be done because it was the right thing…
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Khan Osman Sulaiman: Those Responsible For Using Racial Politics To Divide And Conquer Gets Away Scott-Free

I was upset when the gov disguise condescension as affirmative action. I was distraught that my community was taken as a pawn in a political manoeuvring. I was disappointed that I can’t partake in democracy when there’s a walkover. Now…
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Khan Osman Sulaiman: Singapore Is Multiracial, Multi-religious Society Yet Debate On Racial Issues @ Speaker’s Corner Not Allowed

Writ for the Reserved Presidential Election has been issued by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday and preparations had been made to carry out our speech at Hong Lim Park this coming Saturday to voice our concerns over the racialised…
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