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Of TCB And Salleh Marican: Both Directly Associated With The Establishment, Both Blocked From Potentially Contesting The Presidency

I am one of those who have highlighted the hypocrisy on both sides upon observing both sides and my views are from my personal perspective. Categorically, I am against the manipulation of the constitution particularly the reserved election on basis…
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Damanhuri Abas: It’s Not About Anti-Halimah, It Is About The Election Process

The attempt to label this protest as anti-Halimah/Malay is misplaced. It was never about the person, it was about witnessing how the election process was systematically undermined, shortchanging citizen’s right to vote the best independent person for the vital role…
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Commentari: Perlantikan Secara “Paksa” Adalah Langkah Ke Belakang / 10 Sebab Kenapa Orang Terasa Marah Terhadap PE2017

Sebenarnya perlantikan secara “paksa” ini adalah langkah ke belakang (Regressive move) dan ini bukanlah kali pertama ia berlaku di Singapura. Mungkin Dr Maza tidak tahu perkara ini, khususnya point no 7. Natijah (Wanita bertudung menjadi presiden) tidak menghalalkan cara. Jangan…
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