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Of TCB And Salleh Marican: Both Directly Associated With The Establishment, Both Blocked From Potentially Contesting The Presidency

I am one of those who have highlighted the hypocrisy on both sides upon observing both sides and my views are from my personal perspective. Categorically, I am against the manipulation of the constitution particularly the reserved election on basis…
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Salleh Marican: I Am Disappointed That The PEC Committee Did Not See Me Fit

Mainstream media CNA stated that the reason Second Chance CEO Salleh Marican did not qualify as his firm was “considerably below” the S$500 million shareholders’ equity required. But how many people, even other races, would have qualified in handling over…
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Three Possible Reasons That Can Lead To A Walkover Election And Win For Mdm President Halimah Yacob

No signs of preparation for the election Knowing that the PE2017 would involve the whole nation to be at the voting booths, it is very unlikely that the government will mobilize its civil service officers at a short notice without…
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