Ustaz Noor Deros: There Is No Progress Without Control Of Basic Human Desire

Have we progressed far enough as humanity so as to again declare that fornication (what more homosexual intercourse) is illegal?

It seems that we are still unable to let go of our primitive inclination towards self-destructive short termed pleasures and short-sighted justifications.

Not declaring your HIV status to your current or to-be wife or husband is a crime in Islam, what more infecting them with it, this goes without saying.

The central issue at hand here is the modern crisis of fornication that is based on the false idea that this body is our sole property and we have all the right to do whatever we want with it.

How can we lay claim to something we did not create ourselves, something we can never buy nor given to us (as our property) by the Creator?

In Islam, this body is a loan from Him, for us to make a good use out of it, and later to be returned back to Him.

Sexual pleasures through heterosexual intercourse can only come with the pledge of commitment to an endless/long term physical, emotional and spiritual relationship.

We can never claim to have progressed if we are still unable to control this basic human desire.


Source: Noor Deros

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