WearWhite: Stand Up Against The LGBT Ideology

I’m wearing white today.

Not because I’m a bigot. This is a secular country. What one does behind closed doors is between him and his Maker.

I’m wearing white today.

Because I’m standing up against an ideology. An insidious ideology that wishes to radically change society at its very core. Do not be deceived. Pinkdot is not there to promote ‘free love’.

It is there to change the structure of society itself. It has stated as its goal the repeal of 377A.

BUt that is not its endgame.

They will push on and on…..

Imagine this scenario:

At City Hall gay couples queue to get married. In attendance are ‘Liberal’ religious priests and imams. At a nearby mosque an openly gay imam is conducting a marriage ceremony of another gay couple.

Down Orchard Road is a gay pride parade. As they moved down Bras Basah road the backdrop of the gay pride parade is the Sultan mosque. Images are beamed worldwide, with the Sultan mosque standing as a very visual symbol of our docility to stand up for our beliefs. Our toilets must now be completely gender free, with full grown men sharing it with six year old girls.

If we do not share this vision of Singapore, then we have to make our stand. Now.

And not stand by the wayside mired in our own docility. And I speak to the young. If you have a young family or thinking of getting married etc, ask yourself what kind of Singapore do you envision for your children when you look into their eyes?

I’m wearing white today. And I urge my Christian friends to wear white to church this weekend.

I too will be wearing white on Sundsy evening to welcome the blessed month of Ramadhan.

I invite all of us to wear white this weekend.

More importantly we should make a stand. Learn about he LGBT ideology. Speak about it to our family friends n neighbors. Start a conversation going.

May God bless our efforts. And may He Protect our country from forces – foreign and local – who wish to fundamentally change the structure of the family itself.



Source: Syed Danial

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