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Singapore Presidents Have Been Honoured For Contributions to Country

Singapore presidents

SINGAPORE – A new mosque, a leading think-tank and a professorship will be named after Singapore’s first president Yusof Ishak to honour his contributions to the country, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said at his National Day Rally on Sunday….
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Islamic State Millitants and the Unmistakable London Accent


It is the now familiar nightmare image. A kneeling prisoner, and behind him a black-hooded man speaking to camera. The standing man denounces the West and claims that his form of Islam is under attack. He then saws off the…
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IS Millitants Asked For Ransom Before Executing American Journalist


Kneeling in the dirt in a desert somewhere in the Middle East, James Foley lost his life this week at the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Before pulling out the knife used to decapitate him, his…
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Pre-schoolers Speak Mixing of English and Mandarin Have Better Grasps of Languages


SINGAPORE: Parents and teachers tend to frown upon children speaking a mix of English and Mandarin, but a study done on pre-schoolers here has found that such a habit does not necessarily reflect a weaker command of either language. On the…
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Singapore Female Bodybuilder Champion And Hubby Often Mistaken as Gay Couple


“Are you a man in a bikini?” “What’s your ‘ladyboy’ name?” Bodybuilder Doreen Yeo doesn’t feel angry when she receives such questions. The 27-year-old does, however, get embarrassed, and can only bravely smile and walk away. When she’s with her…
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