Stop Judging Secular Students

We are where Allah wants us to be. We do what Allah wants us to do.

Never have I once feel ashamed of the background I had. But never have I felt that we deserve to be laughed at or belittled. You will never truly understand our plot and position if you have never been in our shoes. You will never truly understand the little hardships we face trying to be good Muslims. And you will never truly understand the sacrifice that we made sometimes.

Is there regret on my end? Yes.

If there is one thing I regretted most was putting a distance between me and my friends last time. I distanced myself in order to be a “better Muslim”. And when I left secondary school, I left everything behind. Friends, best friends, buddies. Everything.

There was no “guide” to be a good Muslim in a secular school then. I thought I had to distant myself and put everything aside. I left them all behind and went to trod on the “better path” alone. And now when I look back, sometimes I wish I had been wiser, more matured with my decisions.


But I regret not having certain people with me. Friends, where we once called ourselves family. So it hurts when I see people, “better” and non secular-people judging us. Laughing at us when we do certain deeds. When we try to be better.

You have no idea what some of us went through just to do our 5 prayers daily. You have no idea how hard we try to speak nicely and without the occasional swearing. And you have absolutely no clue how much effort we put to attend a religious class.

So please, if we get over-excited religiously sometimes, forgive us and don’t mock us. We were just trying to enjoy and feel like a better Muslim. We acknowledge that we might not be as fluent as you in reciting the Qur’an or memorising the texts. But we are trying and we hope you don’t judge us when we do.

Because I remember when I decided to leave that “secular path”, nobody came with a helping hand nor a piece of advise from the other side. I was judged, criticised and laughed at. So now when I look back at the people I left behind, who is going to reach out to them and show them Allah’s mercy and my Prophet’s love?

We did not start our day in school last time with wirdul latif. Nor did we have a time to pray in congregation. Allah did not place us there to be mocked and laughed at. He placed us there, so you may take our hands and guide us to the beautiful path of Islam you learnt in school.

If there is one thing I regret, is to have left all my friends behind. 

But Allah work wonders. And He have met me with new friends that I cherish so much right now. And new opportunities for me to amend my faults and unwise decisions.

To my friends, we got more work to do. The journey just began. The fun has only just started. People are going to judge us, criticise us, and bring us down. But Allah is with us. We’re here to make friends. To make new friends and patch up with old ones. Take blessing in where we are and where He have placed us.

Our message is love.


Muhammad Harith
Guest Writer,



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