Motorcycle COE Remains Above $6000 After Latest Bidding Excercise

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums for cars fell in the latest bidding exercise on Thursday (May 18), while all other categories saw a marginal increase.

The premiums for big and small cars went down by 3.63 and 1.81 per cent respectively. Premiums for small cars (up to 1,600cc and 97kW) fell S$869 to S$47,020, while premiums for big cars (above 1,600cc and 97kW) went down by S$1,854 to S$49,156.

Meanwhile, premiums for goods vehicles and buses saw the largest increase  — up by 1.65 per cent compared to the previous bidding exercise on May 5. Premiums in Category C was at S$43,002, up from S$42,302.

In the open category, premiums went up by 1.43 per cent to S$49,700. This is a S$700 increase from the last bidding exercise.

As for motorcycles, premiums went up by just S$1 — to S$6,303 — compared to the last bidding exercise.



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