Muslims have Special Parking Rights?


On the afternoon of 10 January 2014 between 1.15pm- 1.30pm, I parked my car at Geylang road between Lorong 30 to 32, and left my car to run some quick errands. When I returned, I received a summon ticket for parking along a double yellow line. I am aware that it is an offence to park along a double yellow line, and I accept that I will have to pay for the parking offence. However, I noticed that there were many other cars parked along the same road and opposite from where I parked my car. They were all not issued any parking summons.

I stood there and observed the LTA officer (One female in plain clothes by the name of Phyllis), and another in uniform (Indian guy) summoning a few other vehicles. Phyllis stood there and observed which cars belonged to Chinese owners, before directing her Indian colleague to issue summons to these vehicles. I went up to the LTA officers and questioned why they were issuing summons only to the Chinese vehicle owners and not the Malays.

Phyllis told me that the Malays who are going to the mosque nearby are allowed to do so. Is there such a rule in Singapore that I am not aware of? If so, why do I see LTA officers summoning cars during festivals where we Chinese are offering prayers to our god? I see no racial equality in this situation. Please help to share around so that this issue will be brought to the relevant authorities attention. Thank you!

Don Tan


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