Malay & Chinese duo offer sex then steal from victims


It was an offer he could not resist — sex with two women for $50.

But he ended up losing his mobile phone and money to the women.

Yesterday, one of them, Nurul Bayah Abdullah (above), 24, was jailed for two months.

The waitress, who had pulled similar stunts with two other men, pleaded guilty to three counts of theft.

A fourth theft charge was taken into consideration during sentencing.

On Sept 5 last year, a construction site supervisor approached Nurul Bayah and Ang Hui Ying, 31, at Desker Road.

While Ang was taking a shower with their client in a hotel room, Nurul Bayah took his Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone valued at $350 and $150 in cash before fleeing.

Source: TNP

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