PRC Bus Drivers Should Learn English Language


*SBS Drivers From China* – I’m fine having people from any part of the world working here in SG. This is God’s Earth and you can be anywhere you want to be. BUT I can’t take it when they can’t even speak simple English (or maybe they just refuse). Simple questions like ‘How much is the fare from X to Y?’ and ‘Does this bus pass by W?’. Most of them that I encountered were not polite (spoke with a stern face and unfriendly vocal tone) and they keep speaking back to me in the Chinese language. Apparently, nobody has taught them the important manners needed to be a front line service personnel, and please, you mean they don’t even know English? That’s absurd. This display of ugly attitude and inability to converse in a common language has got to stop, especially when you’re a service ambassador who meets hundreds, maybe thousands of people, mainly locals, everyday. Utter nonsense.

Mohammad Shahril Bin Selamat


Source: Natasha Aziz, Mohammad Shahril Selamat

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