No Muslim Should Join PinkDotSG



I have a dream.

It is late-June. The day of the Pinkdot activity at Hong Lim.

Muslims are also gathering. By the thousands. But not at Hong Lim. But at numerous stadia around Singapore – Bedok, Hougang, Tampines, Yishun etc stadia. We gather to celebrate the Sanctity and Sacredness of the Family in Singapore.

It is a fun and festive atmosphere. Families are having picnics. Amidst that, Asatizahs give talks.

As the sun sets, we all gather for salatul Maghrib. Those who can, stay on till Isha. Its the first night of Ramadhan and we all pray tarawikh.

Prior to the day itself, our Mufti makes a strong stance against the LGBT movement. Emphasis is made that no Muslim should join the Pinkdot activity. As it is tacit approval to acts so heinous in the sight of Allah azzawajal.

In conjunction with PERGAS, a series of ‘roadshow’ talks are held in the satellite mosques, talking about the dangers of the LGBT movement and Liberal Islam. At the same time, there is full publicity for the show of support in the stadia on the same day of the Pinkdot gathering. The legion of Social Media enthusiasts encourage the youths to attend the gathering in support of the Sanctity and Sacredness of the Family.

This is my dream.

It is not impossible. Subhanallah. MUIS has great potential to lead our community. They organised the salat istisqa. I was at Razak mosque. A VAST MAJORITY of Singaporeans stayed back after Jumuah salat to perform the Istisqa in Jemaah and stayed back for the khutbah.

Lo and Behold, the next day Allah azzawajal sent the rain.

Imagine what Allah azzawajal will be willing to do if we close ranks and show our resolve to push back against acts heinous in Allah’s eyes. If we sit back and continue in our state of docility, the pinkdot mvt will keep on pushing their agenda. And pretty soon, there will be Gay Pride parades down Jalan Sultan and Orchard Road, with images of gays in drag being beamed across the world, and the Sultan Mosque is the backdrop. A stark reminder of our docility, when we should be struggling for the Deen of Allah.

I have a dream. It can be a reality. If MUIS and PERGAS decide to wake up from their slumber. And truly lead the community.

Wallahua’lam. Have a wonderful night in the remembrance of Allah. Let my dream be our collective dream. And let us make sincere doa that Allah azzawajal sends his Nusrah. And protect our Aqeedah and that of our progeny for many generations to come.


Source: Syed Danial

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