Muslimah Failed Job Interview Due to Hijab

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Yesterday, i received this in my inbox. It is one of the many i received for these kind of situations.

“Salaam Osman…
I have something to share which angers me.

My daughter just ‘failed immediately’ in an interview for not willing to remove her Hijab even though she has the necessary requirements.
Allaahul musta’aan.”

I enquired further and gotten to know that the interview was for a therapist course. He then continued;

“Theres this course for therapist, admin staff and etc at CGH. The interviewer was very blunt. The first question was ‘are u willing to remove yr hijab’ and when she reply no, they replied, ‘If u are not, u failed immediately’ – this is the exact reply.

She is a type not arguing which people….she just left the place. A course which guarantee a place in any hospital upon passing and completing.

What appalled me wes that, on the 18th march she attended the seminar they held…no problem. They have her record. Then applied, they called her for interview today…but today lain pulak jadinya.”


Im always very much affected reading such messages. Firstly, discrimination has no place in any society. It creates an ill will between people and it has a negative effect on the victim.

They feel isolated. Feels humiliated, angry. Develop low self esteem. Suffer humiliation. It can also contributes to depression, poor quality of life etc.

On top of that, it denies someone their human rights to be able to participate fully in our society.

Not only are they denying the hijab wearing women employment, but it goes to the extend of denying them the chance to learn.

As a society, we should be working towards creating a culture that respects n values each other’s differences and recognizes that diversity is a great asset to our community.

This PAP gov has shown time and again their outright blatant disregards for the minorities. To be denied equal opportunities in our own country shows a lack of respect by the ruling gov towards its own people.

I urged my community to turn their backs on the PAP. It is high time that we elect other ppl who can respect and accord us with equality.


Source: Osman Sulaiman

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