Idolizing ‘Maha Gurus’ Is Not Piety and UnIslamic


Photo taken on 2 May 2014 during Friday prayer at local mosque

Photo taken on 2 May 2014 during Friday prayer at local mosque


Dear R1C,

Yesterday I noticed a man with a fancy looking head gear at a local mosque. I was seated behind him and realized he had inserted two photos of his ‘Maha Gurus’ or ‘religious teachers’ on the right side of his head gear. While it is important to dress clean, neat and proper when you want to perform your prayers, I find that such act of idolization of his religious teachers or ‘Maha Gurus’ is inappropriate especially when you are praying to Allah SWT, There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the last Prophet.

Islam takes a firm stand against idolatry in any form. Islam takes the position that such objects have often been used to glorify or idolize people or creatures, in violation of God’s law against idolatry. Thus, anything that can be construed as an idol is forbidden. Allah is the Only One Who has the power of giving shape to His creation and creating them in the best image. The matter also has to do with aqeedah when these images are taken as idols which are worshipped instead of Allah.


Al Basheer




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