Carousel Restaurant is NOT Halal Certified

Credit: Shred Novice

Credit: Shred Novice

MUIS has already confirmed that the cert was not issued to the whole restaurant, only the food station and kitchen. ..

But yes.. It’s confusing.. Some Indian restaurants claimed that their foods are halal but they couldn’t get a Halal cert because they serve liquor ..

But Carousel can get halal cert not for the restaurant but for food station and kitchen.

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Rilek1Corner was informed by a reader that customers can bring in alcoholic drinks to Carousel. Perhaps this is the reason why the restaurant as a whole is not Halal certified. Hopefully, many will benefit from this information shared by author Shred Novice

The food served are still halal certified as per MUIS clarification, despite the presence of alcoholic beverages. If you are a huge fan of Carousel restaurant, please continue and support them as long as you are okay with the clarification given by MUIS. The consumption of food is an individual responsibility. Muslims can patronise an establishment that is not Halal-certified as long as they are confident and can ensure that the food has been prepared according to the Islamic Law. 

‘Halal-certified’ refers to products which have been endorsed as Halal by a credible Islamic body (third-party certification). Often times, Halal certification involves a series of steps including ingredient verification, inspection/audit and approval by committee. In general, all Halal-certified products are Halal, but not all Halal products are Halal-certified. 

If you have any questions regarding halal certification, please contact: 

Halal Certification Strategic Unit
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
Singapore Islamic Hub
273 Braddell Road
Singapore 579702

Tel: (65) 6359 1199
Fax: (65) 6259 4733
Email: [email protected]

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