AWARE Makes a Stand Against Female Circumcision in Islam

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Does Female Circumcision happen in Singapore?

Yes. In Singapore’s Muslim community, female circumcision involves nicking the prepuce, the skin covering the clitoris. It is markedly different from the more severe forms of genital mutilation. The procedure is usually done on babies or prepubescent children. Circumcisions in Singapore are done by female doctors at a handful of Muslim clinics. Anesthesia is generally not used. – source

Although a relatively common procedure, many young women are unaware that they have undergone this ritual or what it entails.

What is the religious basis for this procedure?

The practice is encouraged by some religious leaders however many historians say that there is no religious basis for this practice

According to the majority of ulama, circumcision is compulsory for men and women. It should be done early in life, preferably when still an infant, to avoid complications, prolong pain and embarrassment if done later in life. Any good Muslimah doctor can perform circumcision for women. It is just a cutting off the thin membrane on the top most part of the clitoris.

Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)

Those practices originated 1,400 years ago, before the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, says Noor Aisha Binte Abdul Rahman, a professor at the National University of Singapore. But the custom has no religious basis and there are no guidelines except that it should not bring harm to believers, says Zhulkeflee Haji Ismail, manager of Singapore’s Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association. “Some people just follow customs without knowing what they’re about,” the scholar says. “Traditions die hard.” – source


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Seems like everyone is else wrong and they (AWARE) are the only ones right. Now, they are questioning MUIS and the Muslims regarding female circumcision. NOT female genital mutilation. 

Circumcision or sunat in Malay is performed on both male and female Muslims. A growing number of non-Muslims parents also choose to have such procedure performed on their children too, most cited reason being hygiene purposes. 

For female circumcision on Muslims, Singapore’s practice is slightly different from what we see elsewhere in the world. Doctors normally make a small nip as significance only. They do not remove any part of the clitoris. This procedure will be done on infant girls. They recover faster and generally would not remember a thing about it. Go to a reputable or well-recommended doctor too.

Many Muslims in Singapore are more modern and understand the possible consequences. They still do it to respect their Islamic beliefs and traditions, but in a different manner. 

If you feel that upbringing is more important than cutting the clitoris to ‘tame’ the girls, then do speak to your family about it. We do know of some families who do not practice it anymore as they believe that how a woman behaves is largely dependent on how the family brought her up and not through sunat.


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