Malaysian Football Fans Riot in Singapore

Dear R1C,

Fans of Johor Darul Takzim JDTFC turned violent and wanted to fight with the Singapore police. This was because they were so rowdy and violent even before the match started, and the Singapore police officers had no choice but to tell them they cannot enter the stadium to watch the match.

As a result JDTFC fans got angrier and aggressive. They accused the Singapore police for treating them like criminals. Over-reacting to the max.

Besides spewing vulgarities, they also provoked and threatened the police officers on duty. i fear the safety of our officers as they got really violent and angry. One of us overheard the Malaysian dude wanted to beat the Malay police officers if they ever come down to Johor. They will bring their Malay gang and beat up the officers on duty if they ever see their faces in JB.

As a Singaporean Malay, I am ashamed of these Malaysians who share the same race and religion. Islam doesn’t teach us to be violent. Singapore Football fans have always been harassed and threatened whenever there is a match between Singapore and Malaysia. Malaysian football fans always behave like animals.

I am glad our Singapore fans are friendly and happy bunch.


Fazlee Kader


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Thank you Fazlee for submitting the second video where Football Association of Singapore were call Anjing (in Malay) or Dogs. True enough, Singaporeans are peaceful bunch who really know how enjoy watching football matches with no violence. That’s the Singapore Spirit.

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