Chinese Man Say Halal Certified Restaurant Food Taste like Dog Food


Credit: Danny Teo

Credit: Danny Teo

Credit: Andri Kiff

Credit: Andri Kiff

Dear R1C,

I am the regular customer of Halal certified restaurant Eighteen Chefs and I am deeply saddened by the comments of this guy called Roy Chuang. This sort of behaviour is totally uncalled for, and so ill-bred. Whatever happened, there’s absolutely no reason for the customer to do this. Uncouth and uncivilized. This restaurant is patronised by Muslims because it is halal certified restaurant. Does it mean that this Roy Chuang is labelling all Muslims have bad taste and eat food that taste like dog food!!

I have eaten food there every sunday and it always taste good with great service from the staff! Ban this animal from your restaurant Benny Se Teo! I just don’t know what is this Roy Chuang’s problem.

This is Roy Chuang’s personal Facebook and his Business Facebook Page.



roy chunagpersonal

The manager of Eighteen Chefs@Dhoby Ghaut, Mr Danny Teo has decided to investigate the incident:

I am the manager of Eighteen Chefs@Dhoby Ghaut. I am investigating and will speak to my staff. We at Eighteen Chefs always strive to do our best in terms of food quality and service. — with Benny Se Teo.


Nur Halim Hashim


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No matter how bad the food may taste, it is important that we always have table manners no matter where you are dining at, hawker centres or high class restaurants. Pouring the food on the table like what Roy Chuang did is definitely disrespectful not just to the restaurant but also to the customers. 

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