MUIS Doing A Good Job – No Need To Set Up New Islamic Independent Body

Nasiruddin Pungut

Credit: Nasiruddin Pungut

Credit: Nasiruddin Pungut

Credit: Nasiruddin Pungut


The problem when you have an independent body to issue so called Islamic regulations or fatwa’s, disagreement/misunderstanding might arise, just look at our neighbouring Malaysia.

What they face is something which Singaporeans should avoid, in their case, different states have different Muftis and sometimes their fatwas or religious opinion clash with one another. Now if Singapore has their own independent Islamic body to regulate all these issues, who exactly are the committee who will regulate all these issues? How do we know that these so called independent Ulamas come up with such regulations not for their own benefit? In fact it causes more mistrust because these so called ‘independent body’ think they are holier than thou.


I think the author is just another sour-grape who has personal issues with MUIS. What MUIS has done for the Malay Muslim community in Singapore is commendable despite the lack of funding, support. The system is not perfect but it has serve its purpose bcos no system is perfect.

Honestly if the author think covering Aurat is a major issue well think again. I would rather have a lady who never covers her aurat but yet contribute more to the society than a hijab lady who is hypocrite and and gossips too much with her fellow hijab frens. A hijab person doesnt also mean that she prays 5 times daily, in fact she just could have put on hijab out of family pressure. So focus on the main social issue first before coming up with such petty issues.

Im sure Allah is forgiving. In fact we humans tend to judge others more… it’s also very stupid to actually declare Jihad on this or Jihad on that not everything has to be Jihad… Just use more common sense.

If the author thinks that by having an independent body to regulate Islamic regulations and fatwas, then they need to come up with reasons and even flaws which MUIS has overlooked before we can consider having an independent body. Otherwise don’t waste other’s ppl time with such proposals, bcos then you are just like a ‘rebel without a cause’…

Authored by Nasiruddin Pungut



Nasiruddin Pungut shares his view in reference to a previous letter written by R1C reader named Firdaus Abdul Samad who felt that there should be a new set up of an Independent Ulama Body to closely look into matters of Muslims in Singapore.

Good to share opinion and exchange of ideas. What is your view about this matter? Do you think Singapore should have an Independent Ulama/Islamic Body or not? Share you opinion with us at Rilek1Corner.



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