Importance of Good Netiquette



Photo Credit: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

Credit: Abdul Malik Ghazali

Credit: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali


Rilek1Corner would like to remind all our readers about the importance of observing good netiquette on the Internet, including on Rilek1Corner’s website, Twitter and Facebook Page. 

Online posts are easy to dash off and virtually impossible to retract once published. Many people don’t realise the potential consequences of making fun of others especially public figures on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Netiquette is important as it reflects your character when using the web, thus affects the first impression people have on you when they see you on the web. When posting something on the web, ensure that there is no vulgarities/obscenities/any inappropriate content as that would cause people to think you are uncivilized and uneducated.

As Muslims and Malays, we are all well-known for being polite and courteous. Let’s continue to maintain our good image, shall we? 🙂

If we ever have that strong itch to slam and say nasty words to someone, think again about what happened to our friend who became famous for the wrong reason, landed himself into big trouble with the law, and became unemployed overnight.

Always think before you say something.

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