Ustaz Murad Said: LGBT Supporters and Activists Reject Islam


The one who is an alcoholic is of two categories:

1) knowing that it a sin but refuses to repent,
2) knowingly rejecting its prohibition.

The first person is a sinner with his sin, yet he is still a muslim with his iman. The second is an apostate. He has rejected Islam.

Similarly the person involved in LGBT, once he claims it is not haram with whatever devilish reasoning he conjures, he is an apostate, all his previous good deeds are nullified. To repent and to embrace Islam in its totality are his only salvation in the day of judgment.

Those who support the LGBT movement and campaign which outwardly rejects Islam, even though they themselves might not indulge in these sexual activities, are simply not Muslims. Even though some of them may be having Arabic sounding names.

We do not establish proofs and evidences to them that their practice is haram from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, they are disbelievers, just like rest of the disbelievers, we merely call them like we call all disbelievers to embrace Islam.

That is our stand. If we wear something, we wear according to the sunnah, and the sunnah is not to wear a specific colour and take a selfie as a show of protest to a maksiah.

If wearing white is encouraged, it is an act of worship. The salaf used to try hiding their good deeds. It is definitely not a sunnah to tell others of you going to the masjid for tarawih, by posting a photo or otherwise.

Let us come back to the Sunnah.

Allahul Muwaffiq

Authored by Ustaz Murad Said


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