Malays in SAF: Be The Change You Wish To See In This World

And so, my clarifying post had ended up being shared on two pages:
Fabrications About the PAP (FAP), and Rilek1corner (R1C).

Whilst the FAP drew positive comments, reinforced with even further proof and testimonials from people that actually served in the force, R1C was laced with negative insinuations and remarks from people who, mostly never served the force, had no empirical data, actual stats and only hear say stories to back up their claims.

Despite all that, it is the voices of the believers that will continue to give us reason to continue breaking boundaries and striving hard to excel in whatever we are tasked to complete, no matter what appointment we sit in.

Come 1st July, we celebrate SAF Day. It is not just a day to remind our servicemen on the purpose of our existence. Neither is it only a day where we rekindle the passion and fire that made us take up this responsibility.

SAF Day is also a day where were reaffirm to the people that we are there, because they are there. We protect those we love, or family, our friends and also our community. It is important that our community believes in this organisation and they MUST know that everyone that serves, is given equal opportunities to excel, move up and become an icon for the rest of his community to emulate.

Heck I am a Diploma Holder, taking precious time every other night attending classes just to get a Degree. When I look left and right, everyone else holds that Qualification, and I used to believe and still believe, that if I want to be given the same opportunities, it is then my responsibility to make sure I am on par with the rest.

Opportunities don’t come, just because the organisation thinks there is a political impetus to. Opportunities come because, we in our own capacity and hard work, creates it. I may not be a high-flyer but I believe that I am still able to fly the flag high for the Malay/Muslim community. But we cannot do this if we continue disbelieving that change is already taking place.

If any parents or school children is reading this, please remember.
Tell your kids or yourselves, that if they/you have aspirations to join the service and be part of this organisation, step forward and do your very best. Believe that you will be someone and trust that you will be given what you deserve.

There is without doubt many Malay/Muslims holding even higher and more important appointments, much more important that mine. Those who know these people, you can bare testament, how good they really are. Shut out all those who don’t believe.. because if I had listened to all these people 14 years ago, I would have never reached this milestone in my life.

Believe in yourself, continue learning and upgrading and serve the country and community because, if you don’t, no one else will.

Happy SAF day my brothers/sisters in arms and to the generations that takes over, remember that we are the ones that craft our own futures.


:: Be the change you wish to see in this world ::

Authored by Ryhan Husainni





Here at Rilek1Corner, we appreciate people sharing their life experiences. It is through these heart-to-heart topics that we learn something about the other person and what is important to him or her.

For this instance, we get to understand the challenges and issues faced by Malay and Muslim brothers who are serving the nation be it in the MINDEF or HOME TEAM. 

While we agree to disagree, let’s not character assassinate someone. That’s the beauty of perspectives; it may not be the same but it shed light on the thinking processes of someone who may share something common with us, for example race or religion. 

Rambut sama hitam, hati lain lain. 

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