Protect My Sons from Gay Pedophiles

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Dear Editors

It has come to my attention the Gays in Singapore are aggressively pushing their unnatural, unhealthy and filthy lifestyle on to other Singaporeans.

I do not want to bad mouth them but as a father of two sons, I feel compelled to protect them from the Gays in position of power who have set sights on our young children. It is my duty as a father that I should protect my children.

The media has reported a number of Gay teachers molesting their male student. But with every case reported, there are at least three cases that was not reported. I have compiled a list of reported cases below.

1. In this case, a 50 year old Gay male teacher sexually abused male students under his care for over two years, they are aged between 8 and 13.

2. A Gay male tuition teacher trapped a 12 year old boy in a tuition center and molested the boy’s private parts.

3. A Gay male CCA teacher in a boy school abused his position as a CCA coach and took advantage of his students by giving them massage on their groin and buttocks. It took place for more than 4 years.

4. A Gay male teacher molested and sexually penetrated at least 3 primary school boys

5. A Gay male teacher molested his 13 year old male student by rubbing soap on his privates when he asked to shower with him.

6. In 2006, a Gay male CCA teacher molested several primary school boys when he invited them for sleepovers

7. This is not a case of teachers and students. But a Gay enjoy hanging out with young boys and took chances to touch them.

8. This is not a Singapore case, but in Australia, a Gay couple adopted a baby son and they sexually abused him for a few years and the son was shared as a sex toy with other Gays in other countries.

I hope you will publish this to let more Singaporeans be aware of these monsters. I will be Wearing White #WearWhite today. 

Mohd Faisal Bin Abdullah

(P.S I also have some evidence that there are other Gay Singapore teaching in our schools who said they sexually aroused when they interact with our children. Please let me know if you are interested. I will send another letter separately) 



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