Is Wearing White a Sunnah?

Sheikh Syuaib al-Arnauuth supports Wearwhite. He send his supplications to those who are involved in this, may the blessings of Allah be with all of you and may Allah give you strength and Iman.

Ustaz Nurul Turun with Sheikh Syuaib al-Arnauuth who supports Wearwhite. He send his supplications to those who are involved in this, may the blessings of Allah be with all of you and may Allah give you strength and Iman.

Is wearing white a Sunnah?
Answering accusations thrown against the Wearwhite campaign

Recently a brother of mine, Ust Noor Deros, initiated a noble campaign called wearwhite. It aims at herding & guiding us back to Fitrah. At the same time, it promotes wearing white on the first day of Ramadhan as it is a tradition of our beloved Prophet. One of the main tenets of this campaign is also to enjoin good virtues and forbid vice acts (Amr Ma’ruf Nahy Munkar). In spite of their pure and noble intentions, I have personally witnessed baseless accusations being thrown at them. Thus with the will of Allah, I will try to discuss and refute a few, if not all, of the claims.

1. Prophet did not force anyone to wear white. Why should you say it is a Sunnah?

Suprisingly, this “queer” accusation came from Muslims. It is clear from authentic narrations that the Prophet encouraged wearing white, to the extent that in the eyes of certain scholars it is Wajib not Fard. Nonetheless, no scholar argues that it is not a Sunnah.

With a big YES, the most beloved colour to Prophet Muhd in clothing is white. He said:
البسوا من ثيابكم البياض ؛ فإنها من خير ثيابكم
Wear white from your clothing, as it is the best of your clothing…
– Recorded by Nasaie and graded as Hassan
البسوا البياض ؛ فإنها أطهر وأطيب
Wear white, as it is the purest and the best…
– Recorded by At-Tirmizi and other and he said: Authentic & Good (Narration).

Therefore, I hope it is clear now that Prophet loves white in clothing and with affirmative I say that WEARING WHITE IS A SUNNAH

2. Wearwhite promotes hatred and division against Singaporean. At the same time it discriminates the rights of Homosexuals

I wonder what has happen to our sound & just mind. Most of us try our best to rationalize things, yet only a few reason on it. Why does supporting wearwhite can be considered as a “culture war”?

If promoting the family institution and culture equates to vilifying the rights of homosexual, doesn’t it reciprocate to the same thing? When you encourage the limitless “freedom to love” of Pink dot, you are subjecting the family institution to harassment and threatening the safeguard culture of the majority?

If you call for an equality that entails a check of majoritarianism – the act where majority values are imposed on minority, why is that minoritarism – the act of imposing minority rights and cultures on majority, can prevail without being questioned?

If you are calling for the rights of minority to be freely exercised without condemnations towards it, which is in this case accepting LGBTQ, why is it when I am rejecting it is not considered as ‘exercising my rights’ as a citizen?

Why is Pinkdot a good campaign and Wearwhite a bad one?
If you are promoting love towards homosexuals,
We are promoting love towards family institutions which has been the backbone of any civilizations throughout history.
If we are endorsing hatred towards homosexuality,
Then you are endorsing hatred towards heterosexuality, family institutions, religions and the security of our country at large.
Isn’t it only fair, if you have the rights to promote it to me so that I’ll accept LGBTQ, I also do possess the rights to promote family institutions so that you’ll accept it?

If part of your rights are for me to accept LGBTQ, isn’t it part of my rights to reject it as a lifestyle too?

Again, I am not saying we should marginalized homosexuals especially from religious institutions such as mosques, you are more than welcome there. We are just saying that we can never condone it becoming a culture and we still strive with all efforts to curb it.

3. Wearwhite main aim is to counter pinkdot which is masked under the name of Sunnah.

As mentioned earlier, the basis of wearing white is an encouraged Sunnah. Thus if by promoting a Sunnah, we can accomplish different other objectives as well, then where is the issue?

Hypothetically, if I can create a campaign called “Quit Smoking, Start Siwaking!”. With just one campaign, I can promulgate a Sunnah – which is applying siwak (a form of cleansing the mouth), I can promulgate living a healthy lifestyle and also at the same time preventing a bad action which is smoking. Thus 3 birds are killed with one stone.

So Wearwhite is not using Sunnah as a semblance where in actual fact they are sincere in promoting the Sunnah.

4. Allah will not look at what you are wearing this Ramadhan, He will observe the most pious amongst all of you

A classic decoy just to stir people away from the intended course. Allah will insyALlah accept the prayers of a servant if he is doing terawih alone in his room. Yet isn’t it better to pray in congregation in mosque? Allah will accept your prayers if you come for terawih with an old t-shirt, yet isn’t it better for you to apply perfumes on your best of clothing? Allah will accept you prostrations if you are wearing a pink Jubah yet isn’t it better to wear a white Jubah emulating the Prophet and abiding to his commands?

If you comprehend the message, you will abide to it. Wearwhite is bridging us towards a better cause. What are you waiting for?

The best part about Wearwhite is that the campaign is being led by scholars of our community. Let the world be reminded of the power in the hands of our scholars. We have the likes of Imam Ahmad, Imam al-Ghazali, Sheikh Ibn Taimiyah, Sheikh Omar Mukhtar and many other may Allah vouchsafe them paradise. One of the most contemporaries would be Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, a quadriplegic scholar who was nearly blind, had used a wheelchair since a sporting accident at the age of 12, yet managed to convert the whole communist community who were jailed with him to Muslims.

When Allah guards something, there is nothing that can afflict harm to it. Wearwhite has received more attention than it can ever imagine just because of its adversaries. It was even featured in Reuters. Verily, Prophet Muhammad had promised:

“And know that if the nation were to gather together to benefit you with anything, they would not benefit you except with what Allah had already prescribed for you. And if they were to gather together to harm you with anything, they would not harm you except with what Allah had already prescribed against you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.” – Recorded by Tirmizi and he classified it as Authentic & Good.
I am wearing white this Ramadhan. Are you?

The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.

WAllahu A’lam.

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Authored by Nuzul Turun




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