AMP-RIMA Conflict: RIMA Employees Were Laid Off, Board Members Resigned






What is left after an effective closure of the only independent research body within the Malay/Muslim Community – after the departure of most of the Board members and the laying off of staff. This sad picture was sent to me by someone who had a meeting next door.

Was hoping AMP would issue a statement, as this is quite widespread by now. This is what I heard – disagreements between the boards of AMP and RIMA. The Chairman of RIMA and some board members resigned. AMP then commissioned a “review” of RIMA, and then decided to lay off the Centre Director and staff.

There is only one professional research staff left, now physically back with AMP. RIMA was “repositioned” barely last year, with a bigger team, new Centre Director, a new Board, new logo and new premises. Barely a year on, everything was dismantled.

I personally feel that it was not given a chance to do what it was supposed to do – provide thought leadership and research support for the Convention strategies. I feel that AMP has lost sight of the woods for the trees. RIMA was supposed to play a key role for the community.

Now, it’s effectively dead.

Authored by Nizam Ismail



Our sympathies to ex-RIMA employees and Centre Director who were laid off recently. We hope you guys are coping well after this dramatic change.

We couldn’t agree more with Nizam Ismail and Azhar Khalid on the role of AMP in relation to both Malay and Muslim issues. AMP’s silence is deafening when the very fact that community issues are bustling in social media. Who say there is no Malay or Muslim voice?

Coupled with RIMA’s change in management and direction, we are even more worried what would happened to the future of our community. The phrase ‘only hear the good things’ doesn’t work anymore at this age and time.

We have contacted AMP and RIMA in the hope to seek their clarification on this matter. Look out for the update folks.

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