Boy Injured After a Glass Door at Westgate Mall Fell on Top of Him

A four-year-old boy suffered a cut to the back of his head and neck pains, after a glass door on level 5 of the mall reportedly “detached itself” and fell on top of him.

A member of the public who only wants to be known as “Paul” sent in photos of the aftermath. He says he heard from the boy’s mother that the glass door – about three-metres high – just outside of NTUC’s My First Skool childcare centre and a Fitness First gym, leading to the outdoor area on Level 5, detached and fell on top of the boy just before 6pm.

Mr Paul says the boy’s entire body was pinned down by the door, and that he was lying facedown when he arrived shortly after. The boy’s right cheek appeared to be bruised. There were also traces of blood on the ground.

“Because the glass door is tempered glass, it shattered within,” said Mr Paul. He says two staff members from the nearby Westgate Kids Club brought a first aid kit to tend to the boy, and a doctor from a clinic one level down came up to assist as well.



The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirms it received a call on the incident at 6:05pm, and says the boy suffered a cut to the back of his head and reported having neck pains.

He was sent conscious to the National University Hospital, accompanied by his mother and mall staff.

A spokesperson for Westgate mall says the boy was swinging the glass door the time of the accident. “Our investigations revealed that the boy had over-extended the glass door when he swung it, causing it to hit the door frame and shatter,” said Ms Mandy Chiu, the marketing communications manager for Westgate in a statement to Channel NewsAsia.



The boy remains in hospital for observation, but is in stable condition. “We wish him a speedy recovery, and continue to extend our help to him and his family,” said Ms Chiu.

The mall’s contractor will be conducting safety checks on its glass doors and panels overnight, to prevent a recurrence of such an incident.


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