Old Man Finds Boy “Very Cute and Handsome”, Then Molest Him at Void Deck


SINGAPORE: A 10-year-old boy who was sitting at the void deck and playing with his handphone was molested repeatedly despite pushing his perpetrator away.

The perpetrator, Teo Koon Tian, 57, was sentenced to 20 months’ jail on Thursday (Aug 7). At about 4pm on July 18 this year, Teo purchased three cans of beer from a provision shop and was drinking at the void deck. As he was drinking, he spotted the boy, who cannot be named as he is a minor.

Teo told the boy that he was “very cute and handsome” and touched him on the cheeks. However, the boy ignored Teo and continued to play with his handphone. Teo then walked around the void deck and touched the boy’s cheeks again, and the boy once again ignored him.

Subsequently, Teo sat behind the boy and used his right hand and patted and rubbed the boy’s left thigh. Though the boy immediately pushed his hand away, Teo continued to use his right hand to touch the boy’s thigh, proceeding higher up the thigh. The boy was very scared when Teo touched him, the court heard. The boy continued to push Teo’s hand away, after which Teo walked away.

The boy then immediately went back home and told his elder sister about the incident. They went down to look for Teo but could not find him. They later called their mother and filed a police report that night.

During the hearing, Deputy Public Prosecutor Joshua Lim argued that the offence was committed in broad daylight and the boy was “simply trusting in the safety and security of his own housing estate”.

“In no uncertain terms, he (Teo) has to be told that he has to pay for his crimes against innocent, vulnerable, defenceless young boys,” said Mr Lim.

He also urged the court to send the message that the criminal justice system will “come down hard” on child molesters who commit such offences. “You will be appropriately censured, castigated and dealt with,” added Mr Lim.

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