Spooky Thursday: Orang Minyak in Hotel Room

Dear R1C,

This scary incident happened in 2010 and it was something that I will never be able to forget.

It was on Friday night. Me and hubby decided to check into Value Hotel after a friend’s birthday party. We didnt want to wake the kids up nor our elderly parents for coming home late. Besides it was a good time for us to be alone after so long.

While we were sleeping, I was awoken by strange sounds from outside. The time was about 3.30 am or 4.00 am. It was as though someone was clawing the door with sharp fingernails. I thought it might be a cat and I love cats. So I decided get up and take a look. My hubby was sleeping soundly and he didn’t hear a thing. Thinking he must have been tired, I didn’t want to wake him up.

The hotel room was cold. In fact I thought it was really chilly even though the temperature was 28 deg. I thought the air con was not working properly.

So I walked towards the door, more like towards the clawing sound. When I was about to open the door, suddenly there was no more clawing sound. It stopped. I suddenly had chills and goosebumps. Perhaps it was cold. I was hesitant to open the door but I forced myself to do it thinking that I shouldnt think too much about crazy things like ghost or hantu.

Hands on the door knob, I opened the door. Luckily there was nothing outside. I didn’t dare to step outside or look around either. But there was No cat, no animal at all. Just that It was really cold.

So odd. So what sound was that and who or what was making that sound? Maybe it was really a cat? Well, maybe..

I closed the door, went back to bed. Just as I was about to close my eyes I suddenly heard the clawing sound again. This time it got louder, like as though it could pierced through the door. What the hell was that? Must have been a big cat or a dog!

I stood up and look at the door. There, it stopped again.

By that time I had a lot of imagination running through my head. Ghost lah, big animal lah, thief lah.

Just as I wanted to lie down again, my eyes spotted something in the right corner of the room. I dont remember seeing anything like that earlier but it look like a black figure tucked in a corner, squatting and looking at me. I tried not to look but somehow I still wanted to look. Serve me right!

I tried to shout as loud as I can but there was no voice that came out. I couldnt hear myself anymore. Felt as though I’m in a vacumm. All the noises and sounds got muted. I was crying and tearing and felt that my veins could burst from futile shouting but my hubby still sound asleep and undisturbed by all these happenings. He couldnt hear anything.

I tried to reach out to him and move my hands, but somehow my hands froze and I was unable to move anything. I felt I was going to die of fear. I shut my eyes and refused to open. My heart was so beating fast! Will the creature jump at me? I dunno!

I wanted to say some Quranic verses but it slipped my mind and all I could think about at the point what that I was going to die a horrible death. Suddenly I felt two hands grab hold of me and my voice started bursting and I could hear myself shouting again. My hubby was shocked to see me sitting up and shaken as though I was having a fit. I told him what happened in limited vocab I had what happened. He was shocked. By that time I was drenched in sweat and I was in a state of shock.

We quickly pack up and left the hotel as soon as we can.

Until today it got me wondering, was that Orang Minyak or Oily Man lurking in the corner? Whatever the thing was, it was creepy no doubt.

Authored by: Sweet Rose Nana

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