Why Is It Dangerous to Squat on the Toilet Seat?

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Many people, when must use the lavatory GENERAL, forced to go up and squat above the toilet SEATING, to avoid direct contact with the dirty parts.

However, this action will make the person is in a very dangerous position.

Squatted at the time using WC SITTING very PROHIBITED Because the material is made of ceramic / porcelain, not able to support the weight of the entire body at one point.

If the fear of dirty, Clean the outskirts of the WC, then cover it with enough paper.

Here are the events that actually happened, where WC SITTING split, when a girl sitting squat when using it.. These photos were taken when she was given aid by the medical team…

t2 toilet


a. Do not squat in the toilet seat

b. Provide TISSUE / ROLL PAPER in Lavatory

c. Tide how to using which is true

d. Place a warning will the dangers that can occur.

Send this information to other colleagues, and recommend to install the posters DANGER in Toilet, that can prevent the occurrence of accidents to yourself, relatives or people from your friends. Here’s how to sit properly.

toilet etiquette

Source: http://worldhealthme.blogspot.sg/2013/04/toilet-seat-vs-squat-which-is-more.html#sthash.AwHJ2bNt.dpuf

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