Government Stop Public From Playing Soccer at Commonwealth Close

No soccer No soccer No soccer No soccer No soccer

Salams to one and all,

I would just like to share something disturbing to everyone…

I arrived at my job site earlier today at Commonwealth Close. It was a bright, sunny and breezy day. There it was, in between 2 HDB blocks, lay a nice patch of green grass. Perfect size for an afternoon of 5 to 7 a side soccer with slippers as goal posts. 

I felt a little nostalgic, when I was reminded of my bitter but otherwise colourful childhood days when kids in the neighbourhood would gather after school to rough it out in the evening sun, mostly barefoot.

I was smiling gleefully from ear to ear until I saw the very prominent  “No Soccer” signboard… But as if that was kill joy enough, I noticed 20cm diameter circular concrete balls embedded onto the grass patch… Everywhere on the grass patch! 

Imagine your kids accidentally kicking one of these concrete balls!

Now, its plain to see why the garmen, or town council, or NParks, or HDB (many stat boards mentioned coz we all know how garmen likes to TOLAK blame).. Has installed these weapons of mass destruction in place. Simply so that a good piece of grass patch would NOT be used as a soccer field, but to what expense?? Kids not having a childhood?

Kids breaking their feet?? The lack of encouragement for the number one sport in the world?? Why concrete balls? Why so Mid-evil? Why not just lay metal spikes? Or lets go one up, why NOT lay mines??

What da fark were u guys thinking lah men in white?! 

Just coz ur kids are sheltered like diamonds and hidden away from the world doesn’t mean u should steal our children’s childhood too!! 2016 lah marder phukers!!

Authored by: Bhai Angullia 

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