Ranks in the VC. Anyone interested?

The SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) opened its doors to applicants on 13 Oct. Some have asked why a new set of ranks had to be designed for the SAFVC.

Well, that’s because the SAFVC ranks are NOT pegged to existing SAF rank structures. SAFVC Volunteers have a distinct identity, and the relationship between these volunteers and our SAF servicemen (Regulars and NSmen) will be based on appointment, not rank. For example, the SAFVC Volunteer will be subordinate to the commander placed directly in charge of him or her.

The SAFVC rank structure will give volunteers a sense of progression, and recognise long-term, committed service. They will be promoted based on training completed and years of service.

Head to www.mindef.gov.sg/SAFVC for more details.

Source: www.facebook.com/cyberpioneer.connect

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