Tolerating Intolerance: Thoughts of an Aggrieved Muslim Man

Local Malay Muslims often lament the ignorance and insensitivity of other races towards them. Read what one has to say in response to a posting by a local Chinese regarding the Muslim prayer calls…

Came into a Malay country, took over. Changed its name. Changed its game. Changed everything. Took control. Indirectly forbidding Malay becoming president UP TILL NOW (because fear that whenever there’s dispute amongst neighbouring Malay countries the president would ‘give face’ in order to not start a war). Navy and Air Force too reject Malays…

Got lots of things Chinese do that Malays just kept quiet and closes one eye. All of us pledged “Regardless of race, language and religion…. based on justice and equality” So why are Chinese creating problems now? Aren’t we supposed to live in harmony? Yall are guests in this country, shouldnt u respect the host and follow their rules?
Look at the money ure holding, who’s face is that? Lee Kuan Yew?? Our National Anthem, what language is that? Tagalog?? Who first found Singapura? Tan Thock Seng? Khoo Teck Phuat??? Its Malay, it’s ALL MALAY.

When Chinese have FUCKING loud funeral causing noise pollution, did Malays complain? When Chinese burn incense everywhere causing land pollution and air pollution, did Malays complain? When Chinese burn candles during Lantern festival and leaves wax everywhere, did Malays complain? When cars are parked outside Churches during weddings or Sunday prayers causing inconvinience to other road users, did Malays complain? When Chinese queue at Malay food stalls during fasting month (though they know its fasting month and there are alot of other Chinese stalls around but they still choose the Malay stalls) making Malays delay their breakfast time, did Malays complain???

We Malays are very understanding. Fuck the fact that we are lazy, sleezy, or sloppy coz at the end of the day, we are the ones who ALWAYS give in. We are the one who neutralizes everything, well most. We dont expect gratitudes.. we just seek understanding from Chinese to not be sucha bitch complaining over everything and almost anything. It’s always the Chinese (most of the time). I dont see Indians or Eurasians having problems with Malays/Muslims. Pls la Chinese, let’s live in harmony. The last thing we want is a Civil War.. let’s hope it doesnt happen.

I dont meant to offend Chinese as general, just SOME that keep on aiming the Malay/Muslims community. So stop saying NOT ALL CHINESE blah blah blah.. Read properly nextime before commenting.

Im Emy Ishak, signing off. If ure unhappy with my statement pls do PM me. All of u are welcome to show views and opinions..


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